Athletic Family Pass Information

Hanover-Horton 2018-2019 Athletic Family Pass Application

Volunteer (10 Times): ______ No Fee (Please inform athletic office for this option)

$155.00 for a family up to 6 members

Passes will be given to each family member for a total of six (6) passes per family. Additional passes can be purchased for $30.00 each after purchasing a family pass. Family members must be living in same household.

Family passes can be earned by volunteering at least 10 times per family per school year. Volunteering includes game announcing, game management, admissions, and working concessions. A $5.00 service fee will be charged for volunteer family passes.

Lost or destroyed passes can be replaced for a $2 service fee. Passes are not valid for Invitationals, MHSAA events, or football crossover game.


Family Name:___________________________________________


Name 1:_______________________________________________


Name 2:_______________________________________________


Name 3:_______________________________________________


Name 4:_______________________________________________


Name 5:_______________________________________________


Name 6:_______________________________________________


Additional purchase($30.00) (Must live in household)




Individual Passes: are $75 per person. They hold the same restrictions as family passes.




Student Passes: are $40 per student