Comets News · Athletes Stay Active at Home

During this unprecedented time, I find it important to hope for best case scenarios while understanding possible worst case ones. With that in mind, I can see a best case scenario exist that we are back in school after our normal spring break. Athletics may happen quickly after that. Please take into account that working out will be your responsibility as a team member if we start back up quickly. The MHSAA is looking at all types of alternatives for when (if) we come back and the Cascades conference has been in constant contact about what we can do to be prepared. The conference has talked about several alternative schedules etc.

PLEASE FOLLOW GOVERNMENT GUIDELINES: We will need everyone healthy and following the government guidelines of social distancing can allow us to come back sooner, rather than later. Wash your hands frequently and reduce contact with others as possible. Stay safe and healthy.

If you have access to weight equipment, use it. I would suggest at least lifting four times a week. If you don’t have access, there are still ways to stay in shape and improve your overall fitness, strength, speed, and agility. Do sets of push-ups, dips (you can use a chair for your hands and a chair for your feet for dips), crunches, planks, and if possible, pull-ups.

If you are in a throwing sport, baseball, softball, track: try to keep a throwing regime if possible.

Cardio: if you have access to a stationary bike or treadmill, use it. Every day. If you have a jump rope, use it. Also, run. run distance, run short sprints at full speed, run long sprints, whatever just run if possible.

Football players: please get your email to and I will send out football related things daily (plays, formations, new terminology, etc).

Thank you and please be safe and healthy